Art & Design

Drawing on its precious traditional know-how, the Pleyel Company has also made it its ambition to bring the piano back into contemporary interiors and to reconnect with the spirit of the decorative arts where avant-garde goes hand in hand with a refined and elegant way of life.
As piano manufacturers, Pleyel has collaborated with creatives including designers (Peugeot Design Lab, Michele De Lucchi, Hilton McConnico, Andrée Putman), artists (Maarten Baas, Marco Del Re, Aki Kuroda) or decorators (Alberto Pinto, Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann) in order to create a unique collection of high end pianos with a strong artistic identity.
Choosing a designer piano, with a design and a signature, gives the instrument great heritage value and elevates the piano to a work of art/design object.
This collection is the expression of a rare, unique and contemporary design based on the high acoustic quality that Pleyel has championed ever since its beginnings 210 years ago. Pleyel is thus meeting the needs of clients looking for refined musical instruments, works of art or collectibles synonymous with a certain art of living, fine craftsmanship and French-style elegance.

Art & Design
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