Music China 2019

Music China 2019

Music China is now a must-attend event for Pleyel!
From October 10 to 13, 2019, it’s with a great pleasure that we were back in Shanghai.
This major global music event was once again full of encounters and exchanges with professionals and music lovers, as well as many young pianists.
Everyone had the opportunity to discover our full range, from antiques models to the latest.

Can’t wait for next year !





New partnership between the CMIA and Pleyel – March 2019

On March 14th 2019 morning, Wand Shicheng, Assistant Secretary of the Chinese National Light Industry and President of the CMIA (China Musical Instrument Association), met Benjamin Garnier, General Director of Algam and President of Pleyel. Luo Jianfeng (General Director of Pleyel China) and Zeng Zemin, Executive Vice-President of the CMIA, also took part in the meeting.
President Wang Schicheng first welcomed Benjamin Garnier and expressed his sincere gratitude for the hospitality the CMIA received during their visit in Paris last June.
The meeting was the occasion to discuss the organization of the 2020 Marguerite Long Piano Competition by Pleyel in Asia-Pacific. Other topics of discussion included the importance of Lâg guitar factories in Tianjin (property of Algam Group), the 2019 National Conference on music education and finally the protection of Pleyel’s intellectual property.
These in-depth and friendly talks have given the opportunity to confirm the full involvement of both interlocutors in these different projects.



2020 Marguerite Long International Piano Competition

2020 will mark Frédéric Chopin’s 210th birthday: Mr Shicheng hopes that the Marguerite Long International Piano Competition will be associated to the commemorations of the famous pianist to benefit from the cultural resources offered by the French and Polish embassies and consulates.
The CMIA also stated that it is willing to bring the required support to create a high-level international competition, inspired by a large range of cultural and musical influences.
The Marguerite Long International Piano Competition will be undeniably one of the most regarded cultural events of the French government in China, and Pleyel China will be the organizer. 
It is the first time, since the creation of the event, that Pleyel will bring such a competition abroad.
The contest will be open to both professional and amateur players.
The first three winners of the professional group will take part in the international final in Paris featuring a jury of pianists and teachers recognized worldwide.

Pleyel: a booming brand in Asia-Pacific

Benjamin Garnier also informed Wang Shicheng of Pleyel’s recent developments.
Unlike other European piano brands, Pleyel has closed down its Parisian factory in 2013 due to expensive workforce and the impact of lower cost pianos imported from Asia.
Considering the cultural value associated to the Pleyel brand as well as its position and influence in the industry, Algam - second largest European music instruments distributor - bought back Pleyel in 2016. The French company then launched the building of a new factory in France (in the Pays de la Loire region) and initiated a large development plan for the brand in Asia-Pacific.
While the building of the factory is well on its way, the first Pleyel pianos made in France, symbolizing the brand’s revival, will be exposed as soon as in October at the Music China event in Shanghai.

Introduction to the Lâg factories

Benjamin Garnier then took the opportunity to present the Lâg factories located in Tianjin and 100% owned by Algam.
This establishment is mainly specialized in the manufacturing of premium acoustic guitars. Workers benefit from quality equipment and a standardized production chain allowing an optimal workflow.
Algam’s General Director seized the opportunity to offer CMIA executives a private tour of the factory. President Wang Shicheng expressed his will to come at a convenient time.

Pleyel at the 2019 National Conference on music education

During his talks, M. Shicheng invited Pleyel to take part in the 2019 National Conference on music education and actively promoted the brand, culture and technology associated to the French flagship.
Benjamin Garnier confirmed his deep interest for the Conference and he specifically acclaimed the different activities emanating from it, such as the Beijing musical instruments exhibition.

Pleyel and intellectual property in China

Eventually, both interlocutors exchanged their visions on the legendary brand’s intellectual property. Being the oldest piano brand in the world, Pleyel belongs to the French cultural heritage. Moreover, some of the most renowned music masters such as Chopin will always remain associated to the brand, reinforcing the respect it deserves.
Pleyel China is the only entity authorized by Pleyel International to manufacture products belonging to the Pleyel brand in Greater China.
Pleyel reserves the right to take legal actions against any fraudulent activities and companies.
Executives of the Association expressed their understanding and support regarding this demand. Wang Shicheng declared that the Association is particularly vigilant regarding national and international music instruments companies in order to preserve their intellectual property rights.
The entity will ensure to offer the best conditions in the protection of Pleyel’s intellectual property rights.

A long-term cooperation

The talks took place in a friendly atmosphere and both actors confirmed their enthusiasm to successfully carry out this high-level international cooperation.
As stated by Gérard Garnier, President of Algam, on the 10th of October 2018 during a speech in Shanghai, the challenge is now to allow Pleyel to live its golden age once again, based on the romantic and elegant tones that defined the brand’s signature, true flagship of the French cultural heritage.
To that end, Pleyel will count on its numerous international and Chinese partnerships (including Ludo Music)


Pleyel at Music China 2018 – October 2018

This year again Pleyel was present at Music China, the annual international gathering of music professions. Visitors were able to interact with the Pleyel team, and express their talents on our pianos.


The French Embassy in China supports Pleyel! - October 2018

On October 10, 2018, the residence of the Consul General of France in Shanghai hosted the president of
Pleyel China and the president of Pleyel International, at a dinner and a private concert.
It was an opportunity for them to thank the Consul General for his support and help with the Pleyel project in China.
Pleyel is honored to be able to enrich cultural exchanges between France and China.


Piano aux Jacobins and Croisement festivals 2018 - May 2018

As last year, Pleyel is the official partner of the festival Piano aux Jacobins, which takes place as part of the festival Croisements in several cities in China.
Axia Marinescu appreciated the Pleyel P280 model and gave several high quality recitals.
Starting from 4th May, Axia Marinescu who is described as “an incredible young pianist sharing with Mozart the spirit of genius” plays 4 concerts in four major cities of China, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and Harbin.
Pleyel’s P280 as well as the Directoire are played during the concerts. She explain her feelings about these pianos: “It was a big pleasure to play on this beautiful Pleyel piano, which was Chopin favorite instrument. The spirit of the composer comes closer to us, the artists.”
The beautiful story of Pleyel pianos began in 1807. Since then, many celebrities have helped to forge the legend of this prestigious brand: composers, writers, painters, architects, businessmen, politicians, dignitaries, aristocrats...and also Chopin. The soulfulness and grace of his music are perfectly matched by the unique sound and touch of piano Pleyel. Thus, Chopin liked to repeat, “When I feel in good form and strong enough to find my own sound, I need a Pleyel piano.”
Pleyel China’s CEO Mr Jianfeng Luo was introduced by the reporter during the interviewe by CCTV (China Central Television), the biggest and most influential media of China.




Emmanuel Macron's visit in China - January 2018

During an official visit to Beijing on January 8, 9 and 10, Emmanuel Macron made a speech at the French Embassy in China.
This allowed him to admire Pleyel's Directoire model, magnificently enhanced in the Embassy reception room, and a true symbol of cultural exchange between our two countries.



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